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Who we are and what is our objective

Bio4People is formed by doctors in Biology with the sole objective of answering your questions and doubts related to science in a simple and close way.

Scientists always strive to know more in order to improve our lives and thereby the whole world. As in nature, everything in our body is connected and that is why it is important to know it. The goal of scientific researchers is to find out how living things work and how they connect with each other and with the world. We, in addition to investigating, care about sharing it with you.

Bio4People's philosophy is (one of) continuous improvement and research. And that improvement concept comes with the name of Kaizen from Japan, incorporating our values.

For all this, we want to be the one you look for answers about science.


Wide experience in the field of different companies both in the health and industrial sectors. We have the necessary knowledge to solve your doubts related to Science.

How do we work?

Adapting to your needs. The most important thing for us is your safety and that is why we work both in person, through conferences and talks, and by videoconference. We also write reports with our suggestions for improvement.
For us it is vital to solve your questions and doubts.

What do we do

We help you understand what you do not understand.

Bio4People is designed to advise and resolve doubts to other companies and individuals on issues related to Biology, Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Immunology, Microbiology and Biosecurity.

Nowadays, we receive a lot of information from scientific data and studies from the media or other sources. All this can lead to misunderstanding a concept and/or taking it out of context relatively easily if we are not familiar with scientific terminology, thus causing confusion.

That is why we offer our service, to solve your questions and make you feel more secure and calm with the information you receive.


  • Advice for the implementation of scientific novelty in the company.
  • Drafting of protocols for research.
  • Advice, support and management of scientific studies.

Scientifics Research

  • Applications of innovative solutions in biomedicine and personalized medicine.

Current scientific issues

  • Training for those responsible for the area of occupational risk prevention in relation to SARS-CoV-2
  • Resolution of doubts regarding vaccines: how it works.

Press review

  • Review of press releases related to scientific issues.

Generation of scientific content

  • Drafting and review of documentation for the scientific area of the company.
  • Review and preparation of presentations.
  • Presentation of scientific data (graphs, tables ...)

Productive improvement

  • Search for scientifically based solutions for your company.


Among our collaborators we have graduates in:

  • Language and Literature, with experience in teaching and proofreading.
  • Psychology, specialized in the area of positive psychology, grief and coach.

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